Innovative Water Treatment Products

Company History

Aqueous Logic Limited was founded in 1994 by David Sevier, a leading research and development chemist in water treatment sciences. David has formulated products for water treatment companies across the world and his formulas are currently in use, under licence, as far a field as Japan and North America. Aqueous Logic was set up to provide water treatment services to commercial and local authority organisations. However, unlike most water treatment companies, we were able to develop and manufacture a range of water treatment chemicals for our own use and it wasn’t long before these were being sold to heating contractors and others. Over the years the volume of these sales has increased and today we are a water treatment product manufacturer and have moved out of water treatment services.

Domestic Products

Aqueous Logic manufacture an innovative range of domestic inhibitors and cleaners which are based on food additives and preservatives and are as effective as any available on the market today. In addition to the standard 1 litre bottle these inhibitors and cleaners are also available in Rapid-Dose format which is a much easier way of adding chemicals to domestic central heating systems.

Our domestic products are sold to the plumbing trade via plumbers’ merchants.

Commercial Products

Aqueous Logic provides a full range of commercial water treatment products that are the result of field use and ongoing development over many years. We believe them to be as effective as any available on the market today.

We can also offer consultancy services and where required we can formulate products to meet a customer’s specific needs.

CrystalTreat Technology

In addition to our liquid products Aqueous Logic also produces a range of products designed to enable inhibitor to be installed at the point of manufacturer. This technology is called CrystalTreat and is already used by a number of Heatstore manufacturers. Development of the technology for boilers and radiators is also in progress.